Virtual Poetry Workshops

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Calling all budding poets!

Our collections can provide inspiration for creative minds of any age in so many ways.

Starting on 2 November for three weeks on our Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to create poems inspired by our collections. Poet Dan Simpson has created a series of video workshops themed around parts of our collections. Each workshop video will be posted on our Facebook page.

Here are the details of each workshop and downloadable worksheets to help you get started!

2 November: Activity 1- The Hastings Rarities Affair

In the first week, you'll be inspired by the story of the birds of the Hastings Rarities affair.

Can you make up a new bird for Hastings?

Join poet Dan Simpson for a fun, family-friendly exercise based on making up a new bird for Hastings. Dan will guide you through the creation process and support you in writing a poem to your unique ornithological friend!

Find out more about the Hastings Rarities Affair

Here is an Activity Worksheet to help guide you:

Activity 1 - Rarities Affair Worksheet

9 November: Activity 2 - Decorative Arts

Inspired by the Museum's beautiful decorative art objects, you will create your own poetic response to one of these fascinating objects. Dan takes you through a series of prompts and questions to get your creativity flowing.

Here is an Activity Worksheet to help guide you:

Activity 2 - Decorative Arts Worksheet

16 November: Activity 3 - Fine Arts

In the final week, get inspired by Earth's Awakening by George Graham - a painting from his creation series. This is a reflective and empowering poetry workshop allowing you to reflect on yourself and an incredible piece of art.

Here is an Activity Worksheet to help guide you:

Activity 3 - Fine Art Worksheet

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