Access to artefacts brings history and culture to life.  Handling and investigating objects encourages discussion, empathy and creative thinking skills.  Objects can be used to inspire art and design projects, illustrate historical themes and events, or develop understanding of other cultures.

We have themed object loan boxes, which contain a combination of original and replica objects, photographs and other archive material.  Boxes are available for FREE half-termly loans to local schools and other education groups, but must be collected and returned to the Museum by the borrower.  Some themes are particularly popular, so please book your box in advance to avoid disappointment.

"The objects supported and helped the children to use their imagination, problem solving and enquiry skills."  Year 1 teacher

"History came alive for the children using the objects."  Year 1 teacher

"Actual objects can stimulate all sorts of thoughts and ideas…  The [Egyptian] objects created a story, a mystery, for them and started them on a journey of exploration with a tangible ‘hands-on’ link to the past."  Year 6 teacher

"Working with the objects extends their knowledge and what they can expect from themselves.  They were able to produce much better work than they thought possible."  Year 6 teacher

  • loan box containing Victorian fishing equipment

    This box contains typical 19th century fishing ...

  • loan box containing seaside objects
    Seaside holidays

    This box contains a range of objects that ...

  • loan box A containing domestic Victorian objects
    Victorian domestic A

    This box contains typical household objects from ...

  • loan box B containing domestic Victorian objects
    Victorian domestic B

    This box contains typical household objects from ...

  • loan box containing domestic Victorian toys
    Victorian toys

    This box contains a mixture of historical objects ...

  • loan box containing WW2 items
    World War 2

    This box contains a combination of historic ...

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    Download Pack

    Get our Loan Box Information Sheet & Booking ...

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