LEGO® Education

Hastings has a proud history of inspiring scientists, adventurers and inventors! We are continuing that legacy with our LEGO® Innovation Studio. We use LEGO® bricks, programming tools, and museum workshops to ignite students’ curiosity. Young people develop essential communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking-skills in a fun and exciting way. We are proud to provide engaging experiences that encourage young people to explore core STEAM concepts.

Workshops we offer include:

  • Introduction to Programming - build a simple Science Rover and explore the programming possibilities of WeDo 2.0
  • Code Making and Code Breaking - build and programme a MORSE code machine, learn about local resident Alan Turing and communicate with your fellow spies!
  • Forces and Friction - build a pulling robot, investigate how to improve its pulling power and have a tug of war with your classmates

We can also cover topics from the watercycle to extreme environments. Visit the LEGO education website or contact us directly to see how this exciting resource can be adapted to your needs. 

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