The Epic Poem of Hastings


We've invited writer and theatre-maker Naomi Joseph to collaborate with local residents to create an epic visual poem that celebrates life in Hastings.

Epic poems are all about fabulous adventures, incredible encounters and magical settings. Even though the word 'poem' is used, an epic poem doesn't have to rhyme. It's all about the story you want to tell; and we'd like you to share your stories and anecdotes about life in Hastings.

Imagine that a visitor has arrived in Hastings...

We'd like you to send us images and words to welcome the imaginary visitor to the community, and expertly guide them through life in and around the town.

You might want to point out landmarks and places to visit, reveal insider knowledge that only locals know, or simply share what it is that you love best about living in Hastings. You could share good places for walking a dog, or your favourite place to eat.

Naomi will put together the words and images you send in to make a collaborative epic visual poem welcoming the imaginary visitor and celebrating life in Hastings.

How to take part

Please send us your images and writing.

Images can be photographs, videos or even pictures of drawings and paintings.

You can be as creative as you like with your writing. It could be a short speech welcoming the imaginary visitor, a description of your favourite place and how it makes you feel, or just a couple of sentences that capture what it is that you love about Hastings.

Sending your images and writing to us

Please fill in this electronic permissions form, save it, and send in with your images and writing.

If you are sending photographs or video of other people, you need to ask them to sign this consent form so we know they are happy to be included in the project. We won't be able to use anything you send us without it.

Send your images, writing and forms to:

Closing date for submissions: August 31, 2021.

The completed Epic Poem of Hastings will be posted online in October.

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