Other World Art

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery has objects from every continent covering 4,000 years of human history.  From the ceremonial feather cloak to simple shell fish hooks, they celebrate both the people who used them and the skills of the craftsmen and women who produced them.

Objects from other cultures formed part of the Museum's earliest holdings in the 1880s and have been donated by collectors and travellers who all had strong links to Hastings and the surrounding area.

  • Glazed ceramic tile showing two demons sent to prevent Buddha attaining enlightenment
    Glazed ceramic tile: Myanmar (Burma)
    This tile is from the temple pagoda at Shwegugyi.  It ...
  • Plaque showing Buddha surrounded by stupas
    Clay votive plaque: Myanmar (Burma)
    This plaque shows an image of Buddha surrounded by ...
  • Page from a rare Burmese folding book dedicated to King Mindon (1853-78)
    Myanmar (Burma): Parabaik, or folding book
    This is one page from this Burmese, rare folding ...
  • Figure representing the first man called Ivo (meaning 'The Ground')
    Ivo figure: Papua New Guinea
    This 18th century figure is the representation of the ...
  • Statue of Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, made of cast bronze
    Lakshmi: South India
    Lakshmi was the consort of Vishnu and is the goddess ...
  • Statue of a horse from a tomb set during the Tang society in China
    Figure of a horse, China, Tang Dynasty (618-907AD)
    This horse comes from a tomb set.  Members of the ...
  • Peruvian stirrup jar decorated with crocodiles painted in red
    Stirrup jar, Peru, Mohica period (6th-7th century AD)
    The Museum has some interesting early Peruvian pots, ...
  • Monkey effigy from San Jose, Costa Rica from 1898-1901
    The Ambrose Jones Collection, Costa Rica

    Ambrose Jones was a railway engineer who worked ...

  • Trousers made from wide broadloom cotton with rich multi-coloured embroidery
    Hausa trousers, Nigeria, c1910
    Produced in the north of Nigeria, these trousers are ...
  • Leather belt from Montenegro covered in large pieces of carnelian mounted in copper-alloy cups
    Eastern European costume

    The Museum had a donation of nine items ...

  • Maori wooden wakahuia or treasure box carved on all sides
    New Zealand - Wakahuia, c1880s
    This is a fine Maori wooden wakahuia, or treasure box, ...
  • Headdress with a hair and mud base with cotton lining, wood crest and painted surface and feather sprays
    Uganda - Headdress, 20th century
    This headdress has a hair and mud base with cotton ...
  • Beaded collar from South Africa
    South African beadwork collection
    The Museum has a good collection of over 30 examples ...
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