Native North Americans

Hastings Museum and Art Gallery has a fantastic collection from Native North America, through the collections of Colin Taylor, Edward Blackmore, Clare Sheridan and Randal & Beatrice Callander.  The Museum currently has displays of objects from the Plains and Sub-Arctic areas. 

  • Realistic artwork showing a warrior on horseback
    Pipe bag, Sioux c1870
    This is a fine example of realistic artwork, ...
  • Bridle belonging to the Indian Chief Sitting Bull
    Bridle, probably Crow c1870
    This bridle is made of strips of parfleche embellished ...
  • Beaded hat with floral decorations
    Iroquois Glengarry hat: the Taylor Collection
    A fine example of this style of hat c1860.
  • Headdress worn by Iron Tail, a Sioux chief
    Iron Tail's Headdress: the Taylor Collection
    This magnificent headdress was worn by Iron Tail, a ...
  • Belt given to Moreton Frewen by Chief Sitting Bull
    Sitting Bull's belt
    This belt was given to Moreton Frewen of Brede (near ...
  • Models of animals and a wooden sledge with a figure and five dogs
    Wooden carvings: the Callander Collection
    Models of animals and a wooden sledge with figure and ...
  • Carved figure of an Inuit woman carrying a baby in the hood of her parka
    Carved figure: the Callander Collection
    This carved figure of an Inuit woman is wearing ...
  • Necklace of bear's teeth with glass bead spacers
    Necklace: the Blackmore Collection
    Necklace of bear's teeth with glass bead spacers.
  • Portrait of Clare Sheridan after her pilgrimage to Montana and Canada
    Clare Sheridan by Edward Blackmore
    Born into a wealthy, and cultured family, Clare ...
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