Grey Owl

'GREY OWL WAS NOT A RED INDIAN - HE WAS A SUSSEX MAN!'  This was the headline of the local paper shortly after the death of celebrated Canadian conservationist Grey Owl was announced.  The shocking story that Grey Owl was in fact Archie Belaney, born in Hastings, was big news and the Museum has a gallery dedicated to his story, including a reconstruction of his cabin, copies of his books, an audio-visual presentation of his amazing story and objects from the area that he made his new home.


  • Archie Belaney with a collie dog
    The young Archie with his pet collie
    The young Archie developed his love of nature through ...
  • Snapshot from one of Grey Owl's films
    Grey Owl and Anahareo outside their log cabin
    Many of Grey Owl's films were made around their cabin. ...
  • Grey Owl with a rescued beaver cub
    Grey Owl and the beavers
    Grey Owl's conversion to conservation was secured once ...
  • Grey Owl in traditional Native North American dress
    Grey Owl - international celebrity
    Grey Owl was a big celebrity in the 1930s and this is ...
  • Grey Owl's books and illustrations
    Grey Owl - popular author
    Grey Owl's wrote a number of books for both adults and ...
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