Dinosaurs and Other Fossils

The Museum has around 1,400 fossils of plants and animals, mostly from the local area.  The most frequently found dinosaur remains in Sussex are those of the Iguanodon, which lived during the Lower Cretaceous period, between 125 - 110 million years ago. 


  • Life size Iguanodon from the interactive display at Hastings Museum
    Dinosaur Gallery
    Watch the fossils turn into a life-size Iguanodon and ...
  • Cervical vertebra form the neck of a Plesiosaur - a marine dinosaur from the Jurassic Period
    Plesiosaur vertebra
    This is a cervical vertebra from the neck of a ...
  • Fossil showing fronds of the Onychiopsis Mantelli, a fern from the Early Cretaceuous Period
    Onychiopsis Mantelli
    This fossil shows fronds of the Onychiopsis Mantelli, ...
  • Fossil showing the scales and part of a fin from a Lepidotus - a bony fish from the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods
    This fossil shows the scales and part of a fin from a ...
  • Fossil leaf of Zamites Bucchianus
    Type specimens

    Some of the plant fossils in the museum are known ...

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