James And Decimus Burton

Hastings Museum holds an extensive collection of over 300 architectural drawings, portraits and items of memorabilia relating to James and Decimus Burton.

  • Portrait of James Burton
    James Burton

    James Burton (1761-1837) was probably the most ...

  • Portrait of Decimus Burton
    Decimus Burton

    Decimus Burton (1800-1881) was a successful and ...

  • James Burton's notebook outlining events between 1783 and 1811
    James Burton's notebook
    The Museum has a notebook outlining events in James ...
  • Plan of a bridewell by James Burton c1785
    Plan of a Bridewell by James Burton
    Elevation, section and plan of a bridewell by James ...
  • Plan of intended improvements on the Duke of Bedford's estate in 1800 by James Burton
    Duke of Bedford's estate
    Plan of intended improvements on the Duke of Bedford's ...
  • Engraving displaying Burton's family home named Mabledon
    Engraving of Quarry Hill

    In 1804 Burton acquired Quarry Hill, near ...

  • Plan of Regent's Park
    The Burtons And Regent's Park
    In 1815 James Burton was approached by John Nash who ...
  • The Holme site at Regent's Park designed by Decimus Burton
    Design for The Holme, garden elevation
    The Holme occupied a prime site in Regent's Park.  It ...
  • Plan of The Holme mansion in Regent's Park
    Plan of the grounds surrounding The Holme
    The Holme is a mansion on the Inner Circle by Regent's ...
  • The design for the 2nd villa in Regent's Park c1818
    Design for 2nd villa, Regents Park
    Grateful for his help, John Nash invited James Burton ...
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