The Museum has a large Archaeological collection including around 2,500 flints and over 10,000 excavated artefacts.  Many of these come from sites in Hastings and the surrounding area, and they give us a picture of human habitation locally from prehistory to the medieval period.

There are also examples of excavated material from as far away as South Africa, Japan and South America.  The Museum has a particularly fine collection of objects from ancient Cyprus, which were donated as part of the Brassey Collection.

  • palaeolithic flint hand axe
    Flint hand axe
    This beautifully worked hand axe dates from the ...
  • Ancient Crete Kylix
    This is a stemmed drinking cup from ancient Crete, ...
  • Painted Attic Kylix circa 550BC
    Attic Kylix

    This impressive kylix, or stemmed wine cup, ...

  • Two eathenware pots from the late Iron Age
    Iron Age pots
    These two eathenware pots date from the late Iron ...
  • Atrebate coin from the time of Commius (30-25BC)
    Gold stater
    At the time of the Roman invasion, the Atrebates ...
  • Small gold Celtic coin from the Roman period
    Gold quarter stater
    This is a small gold Celtic coin that dates from the ...
  • Hoard of coins found in a pot
    Roman coin hoard
    This hoard of coins was found in its pot on a building ...
  • Small bronze figurine from the Roman period thought to be Fortuna
    Figure of Fortuna
    This small bronze figurine shows a woman in classical ...
  • Stirrup mount with a Saxon pattern
    Saxon stirrup mount
    This ornate stirrup mount shows a typical Saxon ...
  • Silver penny showing King Harold
    Silver penny, 1066
    The silver penny was the only form of legal tender in ...
  • Medieval encaustic tile made of coloured clays
    This medieval encaustic tile is decorated using ...
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