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Hastings Digital Museum has received funding to continue into 2021. We will be developing new activities so online visitors will continue to have access to meaningful digital culture. 

We will be developing new online learning activities, including digital loans boxes and more blended learning sessions. We will also be developing a new website. This funding means we can continue our work with vulnerable groups and support community partners.

We are being supported by Art Fund and public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

We have selected a number of freelancers to produce digital activities to be rolled out across 2021, encouraging people to engage and take part. These activities include community projects, durational activities and arts and crafts activities aimed at a variety of age groups from young children to older adults or cross-generational.

You can access these digital activities via Hastings Museum & Art Gallery's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

In addition, we have commissioned a company to produce 3D scans of objects. The scans will be used in blended learning workshops which combine physical and digital museum collections for schools and education providers. They will be included in the museum's loan boxes and made available on the museum's updated website.

workshops commission

We are looking to commission a company or individual to produce up to 5 blended workshops for primary schools. We are happy to accept proposals for individual workshops as well as for all five.

Each session must include both physical (loan boxes and collection items) and digital collections (3D scans or other digital resources developed by you for the workshop) and activities for delivery in classrooms. We would like candidates to consider options for remote/ digital delivery.

The 3D objects available include 4 small umber canopic jars, Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy masks, a flint spear head, an antler spear head, netting/ braiding needles, a WW1 gas rattle, a Victorian wooden block toy, Victorian glove stretchers, a WW2 helmet, a Roman terracotta tile with animal footprint, an ammonite fossil and a polecat skull so far. While you do not need to, we would welcome further digital activities to be included in the blend learning workshops you develop.

The workshop should be based on topics covered by our existing Loans Boxes and agreed in advance with the Learning Officer. These could include:

  • Smugglers: Why did people smuggle goods into the country, what did they smuggle?
  • Stone Age: Life in Stone Age Hastings, hunting, gathering, natural materials
  • Romans: Why did the Romans come to Hastings, what did they find here, life as a Roman
  • Victorians: What was it like to live as a Victorian, what types of toys did Victorian children play with, Annie Brassie
  • Dinosaurs and Fossils: Hastings and the Iguanodon, how fossils are formed, what can they tell us about prehistoric Hastings?

Outcomes and deliverables

1. Blended School Sessions

  • 5 blended workshops for schools based on the museum's physical and digital collections
  • Teachers notes, pre/post visit information and activities, session summaries and website information
  • A blended workshop format that can be applied to other topics when developing workshops in the future

2. Pilot

  • Undertake one pilot session for each of the 5 blended school sessions with local primary schools
  • Deliver one training session for museum staff on the 5 blended school sessions
  • Evaluate and edit sessions based on feedback from pilot session.


There is a maximum budget of  £5000 available for this work. This is inclusive of any resources and materials that are required for the final sessions and pilot. Payment will be made in-line with Hastings Borough Council procedures.

How to apply

Email us the following information:

  • An overview of your experience
  • Full costs including and time allocation
  • Proposed timeline for delivering this work
  • An example of your previous work
  • The name and contact details of a referee who have worked with in the past two years

Please keep your submission (idea/activity, costs, example of previous work and referee details) to a maximum of 2 sides of A4 and under 2MB.


17/03/2021 - Submission window opens
16/04/2021 - Submission window close
19/04/2021 - Final selection / interviews (if required)
26/04/2021 - Contract awarded

Please send your proposal to Charlotte Moon, Museums and Schools Programme Officer at museum@hastings.gov.uk

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